Become a host

A Code Club is a group of approximately 12 children learning to program under the expert guidance of a computer programmer. Our projects are fun, creative and will help your children understand how to solve problems by breaking them down into smaller problems. The club thus needs a learning space with enough computers for everyone, and the computers will need some software installed. Ensure that your volunteer/a present staff member is familiar with the IT set up and policies at your venue.

We encourage all our volunteers to contact their local primary schools or public venues on their own, but you don’t have to wait for their call. There are things you can do to find them for yourselves. You might find that one of your staff members has a secret talent for programming and would like to run the club (refer them here)! Or try sending a letter to the parent body asking for help. Or contact us, and we’ll help connect you with a volunteer!

Note that it is your responsibility to make sure your volunteer has all the necessary legal checks (such as aworking with children check and police check) and insurance before they come to volunteer at your venue, and that children have parental permission to participate.

You must make sure a member of staff is available to help run the Code Club every week – our volunteers are never to be left without venue staff. This member of staff does not need to know anything about computing but it’s a great chance for them to learn. Clubs are most successful when teachers and volunteers work together combining their classroom management and programming powers!

Your volunteer might need to use your printer/photocopier each week, as each child/pair of children will need a printed set of project instructions to work with each week.

Then you need to get the kids interested! It would be great if you could invite your volunteer into school to speak at an assembly about Code Club, what they’ll be doing and what it will be like. Or if you are a public venue, put up posters to publicise it.

Contact us! We’ll help connect you with a volunteer and offer support to get your Code Club started.