Child Safety and Interaction Code of Behaviour

Child Safety and Interaction Code of Behaviour


What’s the Purpose?

At Code Club, we aim to provide every kid with the opportunity to learn coding, computational thinking, and problem solving. This Code of Behaviour is to be acknowledged and followed by all leaders, teachers, and volunteers engaging in Code Clubs across Australia, that may interact with children during their work.

The following is a list of Do’s and Don’ts with respect to behaviours:


  • Teachers, volunteers and leaders should attempt to avoid physical contact with children in the workplace, unless there is a legitimate reason for such contact or the contact is an exception of the service that is being provided

  • Teachers, volunteers and leaders should only physically greet students in the generally accepted types of ways by the community (e.g. hand shake, high five)

  • Teachers, volunteers, and leaders should sensitively discourage young children and children with intellectual disability from attempting to initiate more intimate greetings, such as hugging

  • First aid should always be administered in the presence of another adult (preferably one known to the child) unless it is an emergency and the delay getting another adult would affect the child’s safety. Only qualified First Aid distributors should administer First Aid

  • A child should never be left at a premise with a Code Club staff or volunteer. A parent or guardian should be present at all times, this may include teachers

  • If you are confronted with a situation where a child is threatening to harm others or is wielding a weapon, seek immediate assistance (from security or Police). Do not attempt to disarm

  • Avoid being alone with a child in any location that is not in visual contact with another adult unless there is a legitimate reason for doing so for the child’s own safety and welfare

  • Be aware of media and privacy. No name badges should include last names of children, no child should be recorded saying their last name

  • All photography and videography should be taken with the permission of a parent or guardian. By attending a Code Club event parents/guardians have agreed to have their child’s photo taken


  • Do not remove any item of clothing from a child’s body unless this is necessary for the child’s immediate safety to prevent serious harm (e.g. to administer emergency first aid)

  • Do not wear or use any language that is derogatory towards others in the presence of colleagues, students and other staff/volunteers including children

  • Do not announce lost children’s names over any type of microphone