Overview — Curriculum Alignment

The following matrix aligns the Code Club materials with the Australian Curriculum - Digital Technologies. Please refer to the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies in conjunction with Code Club materials.

How to use the curriculum alignment

The table below shows the suitability of all Code Club modules to the year level bands of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. To see the alignment of individual projects to the individual content descriptors of the curriculum, navigate to the relevant modules using the menu above or click the cell below corresponding to the relevant combination of module and year level. When on a module page, the relevant project heading will bring up a detailed breakdown of how the project meets the curriculum, and may contain some ideas on how to extend the project to better meet the curriculum.

Note: The table on this page shows suitability, not necessarily curriculum matching of units. A module may be suitable for a certain year level band, but not meet many content descriptors of the Digital Technologies curriculum within that band. It may, instead, meet content descriptors within other curriculums (e.g. Design and Technologies, The Arts, Science), but not Digital Technologies, which is the focus of this curriculum alignment.

State-based differences

This curriculum alignment aligns the Code Club projects to the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. The implementation of this curriculum varies between states: sometimes subtly, sometimes significantly (especially New South Wales). Consult your state curriculum authority together with this page and the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies for best results.

Module Suitability

Click on a cell to see the elaboration.

Year F-2 Year 3-4 Year 5-6 Year 7-8 Year 9-10
Scratch Module 1
Scratch Module 2
Scratch Module 3
HTML & CSS Module 1
HTML & CSS Module 2
Python 1
Python 2
Raspberry Pi
Sonic Pi