Event Code of Conduct


Code Club Event Code of Conduct


Code Club Australia is an inclusive and empowering environment for people of all ages, genders and ethnicities. By participating in any online or offline event we endeavour to include everyone.

As a participant, you are expected to respect and cherish the work of those around you and listen closely. Your actions are important, heard and meaningful, especially with kids. Do not insult or put down others. Racist, sexist or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.

Your patience, good-humour and passion to #getkidscoding is what drives us all, so please be a positive and proactive member of our community.


Code Club Child Protection Policy


As educators we play a vital role in the care and education of children. This responsibility includes supporting children and young people and identifying where problems arise that may put their safety, welfare or wellbeing at risk.

All staff and volunteers have a responsibility to report risk of harm concerns about children and young people, within their roles, and to provide support to children and young people.

As part of their role, staff and volunteers:

  • are expected to maintain an up to date Background Check

  • should be aware of the mental and physical well being of the children who they are working alongside

  • should be aware of their mandatory obligation to report suspected risk of significant harm

  • may be the first point of contact if a child is distressed, but are never solely responsible

  • should ask for help if they have any concerns or questions

It is expected that any concerns that you have are brought to the attention of a manager who will take appropriate action. If needed, further action can be taken through the Child Wellbeing Unit of the Department of Education.

Further information on child protection can be found at the Keep Them Safe website, a shared approach to child wellbeing for parents, communities, government and non-government agencies to work together to support children and families. http://www.keepthemsafe.nsw.gov.au/

Further information on the National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children can be found here.