Do I need experience in coding?

Not at all! Our Code Club volunteers come from all walks of life - teachers, parents, students, grandparents, business people! You do not need any experience in coding! Just the ability to give one hour a week to teach the next generation of young programmers.

Do I need a working with children check?

Yes. Everyone who volunteers at a Code Club is required to have a Working With Children Check by law. It is quick, easy and free to get for volunteer work!

Do I need to make an account?

We recommend you make a Code Club Australia account here to apply to volunteer at clubs. It will make the application process quick and easy so that you can start helping young children learn to code! With your account, you can even create a new club down the line and access Code Club project resources!

How will Code Club contact me?

We will primarily contact you via the email you provide to us when you sign up to be a volunteer. For any urgent issues, we will contact you via phone through your public venue.

Club Management

How do I register a new club?

It's simple! Create or login with a Code Club Australia account here and create a club under the "Clubs" tab. Our Code Club staff will then verify your club (allow up to 4 days) and you will be ready to run your Code Club!

When can I run the club?

You can run the Code Club anytime you want as long as the public venue allows it! Many Code Clubs run during school lunch times (if your venue is a school), after
school hours or on weekends. The only thing we ask is that you run for one term minimum to complete the curriculum!

Can I charge the students for Code club upkeep costs?

The Code Club vision is to give every kid the opportunity to learn coding. For this reason we do not allow our clubs, volunteers or venues to charge (not even a donation!) Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

Our Code Club needs more volunteers!

Whether you're a new club starting up or an established club looking to expand, your Code Club can advertise for new volunteers directly from the club management app! Simply login with your Code Club Australia account here and navigate to your club in the "Clubs" tab. Here you can edit your club and tick the 'looking for volunteers?' checkbox. Afterwards, your club will be shown on the Find a Club map to new volunteers as open to volunteers! Watch the applications roll in!

How many volunteers do I need for a Code Club class?

We recommend one volunteer teacher to 8-15 children depending on how experienced the teacher is. This makes sure that every child has the best opportunity to learn. Parents are a great resource for adult helpers too! And teachers at the school might want to lend a helping hand so they can bring the content into their classroom.

My club has finished all the curriculum, what do I do?

Congratulations on completing all the curriculum! There are lots more coding activities you can do! Check out the community projects on Code Club World, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the website for additional content as it is added.

Do kids need to bring their own computers?

We recommend the venue already have the computers so the computers are set up and ready to go as soon as the children arrive. If that is not an option, the children can bring their own computers but keep in mind there will be set up time (wifi, any software download). If wifi is a problem you can also download the offline Scratch editor from the Scratch website.

Where can I get extra equipment?

As a non-profit, Code Club cannot provide any extra hardware. Some libraries or classrooms may have additional hardware that you need. Alternatively, the venue can purchase them and the Code Club can borrow the resources. Also check out your local council or grants department who sometimes have Tech grants available for community venues!

There’s no wifi - what do I do?

It’s always good to be prepared for the worst to happen so that is why we recommend downloading the offline Scratch editor from https://scratch.mit.edu/scratch2download/ and keeping it on a USB just in case the internet is down. Scratch offline is almost the same, but the children are not able to login or save their work.

Where can I get T-shirts for my club?

At this stage Code Club Australia does not have the capability to sell our shirts online. Please keep an eye on our website for changes.

How do I keep kids engaged?

It’s great to recognise student achievements and their completion of the curriculum with certificates and awards. This keeps them engaged and wanting to learn more. Certificates can be presented at school assemblies or at the end of a term.


How can Code Club help my school?

Code Club currently works with over 2000+ teachers nationally so that even more students get the chance to code! We offer FREE face to face Teacher Training workshops for up to 2 teachers per school to equip teachers with the confidence and ability to implement the digital technologies curriculum in their classroom. Secure your free spot at a location near you.

Additionally, we offer Code Club Pro which is a workshop designed specifically for your staff members that leverages your resources, interests, and connects with meaningful goals related to getting your school or cluster of schools digital technologies curriculum ready. Learn more here!

Who should attend Teacher Training?

Each Code Club Teacher Training is different from one another based on the coding skill levels of the teachers who attend and the ages of the children they teach. Whether you don't consider yourself a "techy" or you are looking to build on previous knowledge. This course is for you.


Why doesn’t the ‘Find a Club’ map display club contact information?

Due to our privacy policy, we are not able to publicly share Code Club contact information. Please enquire with a venue through our website for more information.