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Ready to start your own Code Club? For just an hour a week, you can make a big difference by teaching code to kids!

Start a Code Club and be a Club Leader

All you need is a venue safe for learning, and one hour a week to lead a Code Club for kids! Start up a new Code Club in your community! Code Club believes in giving every kid the chance to code no matter what backgrounds or where they are from so having more clubs in dense areas and starting Code Clubs in remote areas would help our mission!

You don't need a lot of experience to start. Code Club has great projects, resources, and guides to help you get going. Our community of 2000+ leaders can support you along your journey! First step is to be enthusiastic about making a difference!


  • Be available for up to one hour a week to run a Code Club session.
  • Commit to volunteering for at least one school term (10-12 weeks).
  • Make time to prepare for the Code Club session (usually 45 mins to print resources or complete the project before teaching it).
  • Organise a free Working with Children Check (application process may vary by state).
  • Be confident with computers and how to navigate them (mainly to webpages).

Additional Requirements

  • Approval from a venue to host the club (Library manager, community centre organiser, school principal etc). Just get in touch with your local venue and ask!
  • Approval from a venue that provides access to computers or laptops for the kids to use. Kids may also bring their own computer/laptops. Wi-Fi access to browse our resources online would also be helpful.


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