For Teachers

If you’re an in-service teacher or librarian, join our Code Club community to get access to our free resources or come along to our teacher training workshops!

Code Club at Your School

In-service teachers can host a Code Club at their school during lunch times, in the classroom or even after school once a week. Teachers can use Code Club projects to teach the basics of code to their kids, all for free.

Get started by registering your school and signing up a teacher/educator account. Join our nationwide community of 2000+ educators and make a difference in the classroom!


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Teacher Training

Teacher Training workshops are free and open to in-service teachers and librarians. Our workshops introduce participants to the new Digital Technologies Curriculum, supports teachers to learn code themselves, and gives support for participants to start their own Code Clubs.

Face to Face Teacher Training

Our FREE face to face training occur periodically around Australia. In these whole day workshops, teachers gain the confidence and ability to teach their students to code. 

Code Club Pro

Code Club Australia can engage with schools and libraries to create bespoke professional learning experiences that support the development of digital literacy skills in teachers and librarians. 

Online Teacher Training

We understand the need for teachers and librarians to be able to access online learning to help them get started with coding. We have set up a free online course to help you get started with coding!