Our projects are written by programmers and then tested with children at pilot schools. We asked these children to rate our projects and they told us they were 92% fun! When testing we look for air punches and fist bumps; that means they like them!

We ask that all facilitators using our resources register for permission via our Code Club Registration page.

Complete resources are available at the Code Club World site and on the Code Club GitHub. Click on the image below to access over 70 hours of resources.

Many of our resources are mapped to the Australia Curriculum: Digital technologies subject area. Check out our Australian Curriculum Map below!

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A year in the life of a Code Club

At Code Club we offer a new set of projects for every school term. Students will progress and learn coding whilst using their imagination and creativity. Our suggested flow of learning is – Terms 1 and 2 use Scratch to teach the basics of programming. Term 3 teach the basics of web development using HTML and CSS. Term 4 teach Python. A one year program for Code Club would look a little like this:

Term 1: Scratch

This term will take your club from a tour of the Scratch interface right through three levels of difficulty. The projects create games, animations and toys. There are basic exercises, as well as challenges to stretch those that can go further.

Term 2: Scratch – Advanced

This term will really stretch your club’s abilities requiring them to use what they learned in term one. The projects in this term have been designed to be very flexible. They encourage and require high levels of thought and creativity.

Term 3: HTML and CSS

In this term your club will learn how the building blocks of the web work, and will build their own website.

Term 4: Python

In this term we introduce your club to real life programming. We teach basic concepts via the fun of turtles, fractals and ciphers!