Teacher Training

Our workshops are free and open to in-service primary teachers and librarians. Our workshops introduce participants to the digital technologies curriculum, supports teachers to learn code themselves, and gives support for participants to start their own code clubs.

We have three options for participating in our workshops:

  • Face-to-Face (free)
  • Online (free)
  • Bespoke Professional Learning experiences in your own school or library (cost involved).

Read more about these three options below.


Face to Face Workshops

Our free face to face training occur periodically around Australia. In these courses, teachers gain the confidence and ability to teach their students to code. We are always keen to meet and work with those interested in learning to code, developing their coding skills further, or even just set up a code club.

Our next workshops:

Now scheduling workshops for 2018! Interested in hosting a workshop in your area? Contact [email protected]


Online Workshops

We understand the need for teachers and librarians to be able to access online learning to help them get started with coding whenever they are inspired. We have set up an online course to help you get started with coding. This course is free and will help you learn about coding, plan for coding in your space, and develop some coding skills yourself. Get started today by clicking on this link.

Looking for volunteer training and support? Click here.


Bespoke Professional Learning Workshops

Code Club Australia can engage with schools and libraries to create bespoke professional learning experiences that support the development of digital literacy skills in teachers and librarians. We have a suite of professional learning workshops you may like us to run, or we can work to create something a little more specific to suit strategic needs. For a fee, our facilitators are all educators and strong advocates for the integration of technologies across the curriculum.

Download a copy of our current workshop offerings or contact [email protected] to discuss options.


Register your interest for face to face workshops

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