Working Safely with Children


Working Safely with Children


Background checks

As part of our commitment to keeping children in our clubs safe, Code Club requests that all our volunteers have a background check. 

This check varies state by state but is mandatory for any person over 18 who is working or volunteering with children.  

As a volunteer, your check is free in most states. 

Please use the link below appropriate to your state of residence to apply for your background check document:


New South Wales

The New South Wales Working with Children Check is administered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian.



Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Working with Children Clearance Notice (Ochre Card) is administered by SAFE NT, a unit of the Northern Territory Police.




The Queensland Blue Card system is administered by the Public Safety Business Agency.



Western Australia

The Western Australian Working with Children Check is carried out by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support.



Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 is administered by Access Canberra.



South Australia

In South Australia, Child Safety is the responsibility of the Department for Education and Child Development.




The Tasmanian Working with Children Registration is carried out by the Working with Vulnerable People registration unit.




In Victoria, the Department of Justice and Regulation handles Working With Children Checks.




Further questions about your background check


If you have lived overseas for more than 1 year…

Some venues or Code Club Hosts will ask for an additional police check for the time you have been living overseas. This can be obtained from the law enforcement body for each relevant country. Information on obtaining a police check from an overseas government or law enforcement authority can be found on the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection website at  


If you move to a different state…

You are required to obtain a new check within 30 days. You are allowed to volunteer in a different state on a one-off basis.


If you already have a background check statement...

If you already have an Australian state based background check document, that’s great — go right ahead! You will need to show the statement to the club's host before you start volunteering.