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Innovation workshop meets corporate social responsibility.

Bringing Code Clubs to the Workplace

Code Club will design a day-long activation to inspire and motivate your team!

 We'll coordinate with your company to give you the opportunity to highlight the work you do, how kids can use their coding skills in your company, and bridge the gap between education and the future of work. Lead your industry in creating impact where your community will benefit the most!

Let us organise your next Workplace Volunteer Day!


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Telstra Canberra employees brought their kids into the office for a day of coding! In this interaction the parents helped with the workshop as both parent and child engaged in fun and educational coding activities, including workshops and a tour of the space, allowing families to work towards building a stronger community within Telstra Canberra.

Yahoo 7

A local Code Club was brought to the Yahoo7 office in Sydney as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program. The Yahoo7 team showed the kids from Surry Hills and Leichhardt Libraries all about the work they do everyday and volunteers to give the clubs a glimpse into the potential to use coding in their future.