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Physical Computing

Countdown timer

Countdown Timer

Display a countdown timer on a Sense HAT.

Charting champions

Charting Champions

Discover the power of lists in Python by creating an interactive chart of Olympic medals.

Interactive badge

Interactive Badge

Make a badge that shows your mood.

Weather logger

Weather Logger

Log Data from the sensors and then display it as a line graph.



Guide a wand along a course without making contact.

Octa pi brute force

OctaPi : Brute-force Enigma

Find out how to launch a brute-force crypt attack on Enigma

Wheres the treasure

Where's the Treasure?

Remember where the coin is hidden.

Fortune teller

Fortune Teller

User your micro:bit to read the future!

Microbit projects 2

Save the Trees

Use Micro:Bits to alert rangers when trees fall in a forest.



Tilt your Sense HAT to guide a character along a path.

Against the clock

Against the Clock

Make a timer and use it to challenge your friends.

Rate your mates

Rate your Mates

User your micro:bit to find your compatability with friends!

Compass maze

Compass Maze

Use the Sense HAT as a compass and navigate a maze.

Rainbow predictor

Rainbow Predictor

Display a rainbow when the conditions are met.



Make a game to see who has the fastest reactions.

Getting started with minecraft pi

Minecraft Pi

Get your first taste of programming Minecraft.

Getting started with raspberry pi

Getting Started

Set up your Raspberry Pi and explore what it can do.

Story time

Story Time

Create interactive fairy tales and other stories with Python.

Turtle snowflakes

Turtle Snowflakes

Write code to draw snowflakes with Python Turtle.

Bush regeneration assets

Fire Danger Warning Sign

Create your own warning sign to prepare for bushfire season.

Scratch olympics hurdler

Olympic Hurdler

Build your own hurdler game in Scratch.

Microbit moisture

Moisture Sensor

Create a sensor using to keep your plants watered.

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