Code Club Volunteers go to a local community venue or school and help kids aged 9-11 learn to make games, animations and websites, using the Code Club resources.

How to Get Involved

    • Be available for up to one hour a week to help with a Code Club session in a local school, library or community venue
    • Commit to volunteering for at least one school term (12 weeks)
    • Have time to prepare for the Code Club session. This may include organising, printing resources and completing the project you will be doing with the children in advance
    • Organise a free Working with Children Check (application process varies by state)
    • Be happy to collaborate with the contact at the venue to make the club run smoothly
    • Be confident with computers. You don’t have to be a coding genius, most clubs start with simple programs like Scratch, but you need to be willing to learn


    • You’ll need a supervisor (teacher, community organiser) from the venue and they must be at each Code Club you run.
    • Working with Children Check is compulsory for anyone working with children under 18
    • The exact process varies between states; visit here for more information, or simply contact us for some help.


Our projects use Scratch in the first two terms in order to teach the basic concepts of programming. In term three, you can teach HTML and CSS. And in term four, we’ll be teaching Python. There is more information on teaching materials on the resources page. Note that you do NOT need to have a reasonable knowledge of computer programming to be a Code Club volunteer.

Find a Code Club Near You

    • Search for potential venues where you want to volunteer from a map here
    • If you can’t find a venue, get in touch with us and we can help, or contact your local library or community centre
    • Reach out to us to get in contact with the venue
    • You’ll need to visit the venue to plan, meet the club host and show them your WWC certificate
    • Top tip: Contact a few clubs to find the one that best suits your availability. Remember, most school clubs are run on weekdays around 3.30pm.

Finally, you will NOT be allowed to charge for your club under any circumstance. Code Club is free for all.

We’ll help connect you with a host and offer support to get your Code Club started.
Ready to go? Register now by contacting us with your name, desired local venue and get started straight away!