Happy birthday

Happy Birthday

Learn how to make a customised birthday card.

Party monkey

Party Monkey

Create a 3D model of a monkey in a party hat.

Build a robot

Build a Robot

Learn how to position images to design your own robot.

Modern art

Modern Art

Code your own computer generated modern art.

About me

About Me

Create pictures out of text to introduce yourself.

Smart classroom

Smart Classroom

In Scratch make a smart virtual classroom assistant that reacts to what you say.


Anime Expressions

Create and style a webpage for an anime drawing tutorial.

Tell a story

Tell a Story

Create a webpage to tell a joke, story, or poem.

Top 5 emojis

Top 5 Emojis

Create a top 5 list of emojis with animated emojis and an emoji background.

Target Practice

Target Practice

Use Python to draw a target and score points



Create fun robot stickers to decorate your web pages.

Flower generator

Flower Generator

Generate flowers to create a patterned backdrop.



Learn how to make your own poster.



Create an animated sunrise using CSS.

Tree of cubes

Tree of Cubes

Learn how to resize objects by creating a simple tree of cubes.



Write a program that generates mandalas.

Hmmm what could it be 1

Space Junk

Develop your own coded project that showcases an innovative way to deal with space junk.



Build a 3D model of a snowman using blender.

Mood board

Mood Board

Create a mood board webpage for a real or imaginary project.

Catch the dots

Catch the Dots

Make a dot-catching game to test your skills.

Silly Eyes

Silly Eyes

Create a silly eye character with moving eyes


Line Up

Look for a hidden character hidden with this game.


Space Shoe

Make a game where the user can design their own particular style of space shoe.

Did you like it

Did you like it?

Make a character that will determine whether you liked or disliked a movie or book, based on what you say.

Make a Face

Make a Face

Draw a face or mask using geometric shapes

Encoded art

Encoded Art

Create an encoded piece of art based on the user's name.

Colour a snowman

Colour a Snowman

Learn how to colour in a 3D model of a snowman.

Paint box

Paint Box

Make your own paint program to create beautiful art

Mystery letter

Mystery letter

Create a mystery letter with lots of different styles.

Music maker

Music Maker

Design your own digital music maker.

Colourful creations

Colourful Creations

Create custom colours and apply them on a poster.



Create a multi-page magazine website.

Dino Surprise

Surprise! Animation

Create a short story animation with a surprise

Microbit projects


Create a twinkling constellation using Micro:Bits

I Made you a book

I Made You a Book

Design and create a book based on your own idea

Create your own world

Create your own world

Learn how to create your own open world adventure game.

Project showcase

Project Showcase

Create a showcase of your web projects.

Pixel art

Pixel Art

Create a pixel art editor using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Code Craft

Design and code a 2D version of Minecraft.

Powerful Patterns

Powerful Patterns

Create art that can be scaled using repeated patterns

Block house

Block House

Edit objects by creating a house from a single block.

Render a snow scene

Render a Snow Scene

Render a snow scene animation using Blender.

Animate a snow scene

Animate a Snow Scene

Animate a car driving through a snow scene using Blender.



Create a model of a rocket using Blender.


NT Create a Scene

Create a piece of art that shows off the Northern Territory.


Deck of Cards

Create a model of a deck of cards that can form the basis for building digital card games such as Gin Rummy.


TAS Create a Scene

Create a piece of art that shows off the Northern Territory.


Pop Art for WA

Create pop art that celebrates the Festival of the Pearl in Western Australia


Pop Art for VIC

Create pop art that celebrates the Melbourne Cup in Victoria

Poppy project


Use the pen extension tool to create a piece of art work using poppies.

Getting started with minecraft pi

Minecraft Pi

Get your first taste of programming Minecraft.

Turtley amazing

Turtley Amazing

Take your first steps with Python.

Serene banner

Serene Scene

Create a peaceful forest scene for you to look at, listen to, and relax.

Butterfly banner

Butterfly Garden

Relax watching your very own butterfly garden!

From Me to You

From me to you

Create a personalised digital card to send to someone

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