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Jazzy jumpers

Jazzy Jumpers

Create a memory game involving Jazzy Jumpers.

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday

Learn how to make a customised birthday card.



Build a 3D model of a snowman using blender.

Colour a snowman

Colour a Snowman

Learn how to colour in a 3D model of a snowman.

Dino Surprise

Surprise! Animation

Create a short story animation with a surprise

I Made you a book

I Made You a Book

Design and create a book based on your own idea

Poppy project


Use the pen extension tool to create a piece of art work using poppies.

Fowl weather

Fowl Weather

Help the duck to swim during a rain storm.


Let's Celebrate

Let's celebrate by making a cake! Try this mini project and get creative.

From Me to You

From me to you

Create a personalised digital card to send to someone

Project art for website

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg hunts are so much fun! Create a digital version for your friends in this mini-project.


Party Pinata

Create a swinging pinata that releases treats when it is hit.

Animate a snow scene

Animate a Snow Scene

Animate a car driving through a snow scene using Blender.

Render a snow scene

Render a Snow Scene

Render a snow scene animation using Blender.


Scary 'Spot the Difference'

Use Scratch to create a Spot the Difference game with a scary surprise.


Scary 'Spot the Difference'

Use Python to create a Spot the Difference game with a big surprise to scare all of your friends.

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