Nature Rover

Nature Rover

Create a nature scene for a wilderness rover to explore



Create a game to stop cats from falling into holes!

Explore 3 D world

Explore a 3D world

Create a 3D world in Unity and explore it with an animated 3D character.

Beat the goalie

Beat the Goalie

Score as many goals as you can in 30 seconds in this 2 player game.

Jazzy jumpers

Jazzy Jumpers

Create a memory game involving Jazzy Jumpers.

Hmmm what could it be

Guess the Invention

Write a program for a game, similar to hang man, where the user suggests letters to guess a word that is an invention created for space.

Broadcasting Spells

Broadcasting Spells

Make an app where you use a magic wand to turn sprites into toads.

Countdown timer

Countdown Timer

Display a countdown timer on a Sense HAT.


Kick off!

Create the State of Origin as a coding project.

Rock band

Rock Band

Learn how to code your own musical instruments

Rainbow run

Rainbow Run

Create a track for a ball to roll along, adding obstacles and a goal for the ball to reach.


Save the Shark

Create a game to save the shark from plastic pollution



Dodge the moving balls in this platform game.

Rock paper scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Create your own 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' game.

Flower generator

Flower Generator

Generate flowers to create a patterned backdrop.


Protect the Planet

Make a game where the user aims and shoots the stars to protect the planet.

Star collector

Star Collector

Make a minigame where you collect spinning stars as fast as you can.

Disco dance floor

Disco Dance Floor

Create a tiled disco dance floor that a mirror ball will roll over to create colour and play sounds.

Puzzle room

Puzzle Room

Create a puzzle room for a character to solve puzzles.



Guide a wand along a course without making contact.


Grow a Dragonfly

Make a nature app with a dragonfly that grows bigger as it eats insects.

Popular pets

Popular Pets

Create pie charts and bar graphs from data you collect.

Non player characters

Non Player Characters

Create 3D non-player characters to interact with, avoid, and collect from.

Octa pi brute force

OctaPi : Brute-force Enigma

Find out how to launch a brute-force crypt attack on Enigma


Tree Life Simulator

Create a simulation that shows the impact of deforestation

Find The Bug

Find the Bug

Learn how to create a game to find a hidden bug



You are going to make a ghost-catching game



Create a memory game of random colours!

Brain game

Brain Game

Learn how to create a quiz and compete with your friends.

Guess the flag

Guess the Flag

Create a flag quiz game to yourself and your friends!

Turtle race

Turtle Race

Race turtles against each other!



Design and code your own RPG maze game.



Analyse a frequency graph to crack the code, while learning about lists and functions


Drum Star

Make a clicker game where you earn beats to play new drums and bigger venues.

Wheres the treasure

Where's the Treasure?

Remember where the coin is hidden.

Fortune teller

Fortune Teller

User your micro:bit to read the future!

Hmmm what could it be 1

Space Junk

Develop your own coded project that showcases an innovative way to deal with space junk.

Dont fall through

Don't Fall Through

Create a two player game where you must find a safe way to the end.



Tilt your Sense HAT to guide a character along a path.


Space Shoe

Make a game where the user can design their own particular style of space shoe.


Next Customer Please

Create a shop simulation project where the customer can buy items.

Special effects

Special Effects

Create special effects for a film or computer game.

Against the clock

Against the Clock

Make a timer and use it to challenge your friends.


Line Up

Look for a hidden character hidden with this game.

World builder

World Builder

Design and build a 3D world with a character of your choice.

Catch the dots

Catch the Dots

Make a dot-catching game to test your skills.

Linked rooms

Linked Rooms

Create a web project with several connecting 'rooms'.


Looking into Space

Make a game where the user can find hidden objects in space.

Dont fall

Don't Fall In

Design and create a top down view obstacle or platform parkour game

Dont Collide

Don't Collide!

Build an endless runner game and avoid obstacles

Small banner


Create a database of robots and play cards with a friend!

Compass maze

Compass Maze

Use the Sense HAT as a compass and navigate a maze.

Rate your mates

Rate your Mates

User your micro:bit to find your compatability with friends!

Clone wars

Clone Wars

Create a game to save the Earth!

Quest seeker

Quest Seeker

Add NPCs and quests to the world your created in the World Builder project.

Flappy parrot

Flappy Parrot

Create a game to guide a parrot past moving obstacles.

Mystery letter

Mystery letter

Create a mystery letter with lots of different styles.

Create your own world

Create your own world

Learn how to create your own open world adventure game.

Binary hero

Binary Hero

Score points by playing the notes as they scroll past.



Make a game to see who has the fastest reactions.

Secret messages

Secret Messages

Encrypt and send secret messages!

Boat race

Boat Race

Create a boat-racing game in which you have to avoid obstacles

This sprite needs you

This Sprite Needs You!

Create a virtual pet, character, or nature simulation that the user can interact with to help it.

Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world

Make a 2.5D scene, also know as first person view.


Code Craft

Design and code a 2D version of Minecraft.

3d adventure

3D adventure

Create a 3D adventure with a goal that the player needs to achieve.

Moon buggy

Moon Buggy

Create a moon buggy game using scratch.


Deck of Cards

Create a model of a deck of cards that can form the basis for building digital card games such as Gin Rummy.


TAS Create a Scene

Create a piece of art that shows off the Northern Territory.

Easy project

Safety Heroes

Create a guessing game to see if your friends know what is and isn't safe around your home.

Harder project

Safety Heroes - advanced

Create a guessing game about what is and isn't safe around your home.


Pick a lilly pilly

Use your camera tool to become a player in this game

Water on mars pic

Water on Mars

How much water do you need to survive on Mars?


Tasmanian Quiz

Create a self correcting quiz about Tasmania that reveals a picture if the answers are correct.

Scratch olympics hurdler

Olympic Hurdler

Build your own hurdler game in Scratch.

Story time

Story Time

Create interactive fairy tales and other stories with Python.

Turtle snowflakes

Turtle Snowflakes

Write code to draw snowflakes with Python Turtle.

Fruitsalad banner

Fruit Salad

Create an app to make fruit salad in varying sizes arrangements!


Clean your planet

Use Scratch Jr to help clean the planet.

Focus banner

Focus on the prize

Improve your concentration by following the gift box.


NSW Hide and Seek

Create a hide and seek game that explores unique places throughout New South Wales.

Secret agent

Secret Agent Chat

Create a one-time pad to send secret messages to your friends.

Satellite in space

Satellites in Space

Can you make it to Earth safely?


Stop the Fires!

Create a clicker game to put out fires on Earth


QLD Hide and Seek

Create a hide and seek game that explores unique places throughout Queensland.

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NSW Produce

Create a catch game that teaches people about what is produced in New South Wales


Party Pinata

Create a swinging pinata that releases treats when it is hit.


QLD Produce

Create a catch game that teaches people about what is produced in Queensland


Electrical Safety Catch

Create a catch game. Can you reach a score of 50?

Butterfly banner

Butterfly Garden

Relax watching your very own butterfly garden!

NT backdrop

Northern Territory Quiz

Create a self correcting quiz about the Northern Territory that reveals a picture if the answers are correct.

Stress banner

Stress Ball

Use Scratch to create a stress ball that you can squash!



Create a sprint game in which you have to use the left and right arrow keys to get to the finish line.

Deep sea sushi

Deep Sea Sushi

Make a game where you control a shark to try and catch fish


Talk like a Pirate

Create a web page which can translate normal English text into pirate speak


Yalanji Quest - Bubu

Help Indigi Bot collect the lilly pilly fruit


Scary 'Spot the Difference'

Use Scratch to create a Spot the Difference game with a scary surprise.


Scary 'Spot the Difference'

Use Python to create a Spot the Difference game with a big surprise to scare all of your friends.


NT Create a Scene

Create a piece of art that shows off the Northern Territory.

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