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About me

About Me

Create pictures out of text to introduce yourself.



Create fun robot stickers to decorate your web pages.

Tell a story

Tell a Story

Create a webpage to tell a joke, story, or poem.

Catch The Bus

Catch the Bus

Learn how to create your own animation

Lost in space

Lost in Space

Learn how to program your own animation

Brain game

Brain Game

Learn how to create a quiz and compete with your friends.



Learn how to make your own poster.



Create an animated sunrise using CSS.


Next Customer Please

Create a shop simulation project where the customer can buy items.

Project page

Tagai Constellation

Create an animation about the Tagai Constellation

Linked rooms

Linked Rooms

Create a web project with several connecting 'rooms'.

Did you like it

Did you like it?

Make a character that will determine whether you liked or disliked a movie or book, based on what you say.



Create a webpage of your favourite recipes.

Colourful creations

Colourful Creations

Create custom colours and apply them on a poster.

Dino Surprise

Surprise! Animation

Create a short story animation with a surprise

Dont Collide

Don't Collide!

Build an endless runner game and avoid obstacles

Mystery letter

Mystery letter

Create a mystery letter with lots of different styles.



Create a multi-page magazine website.

Project showcase

Project Showcase

Create a showcase of your web projects.

I Made you a book

I Made You a Book

Design and create a book based on your own idea

Pixel art

Pixel Art

Create a pixel art editor using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


WA Road Trip

Help Numbat go on a road trip around famous places in Western Australia.


Scary 'Spot the Difference'

Use Scratch to create a Spot the Difference game with a scary surprise.


VIC Road Trip

Help Possum go on a road trip around famous places in Victoria.


Dhinawan in the Sky

Animate a Gomeroi story of the Emu in the Stars

From Me to You

From me to you

Create a personalised digital card to send to someone

Finalgamescreengrab Copy


Animate your own story of the Māori New Year star, Matariki.

Story time

Story Time

Create interactive fairy tales and other stories with Python.


Scary 'Spot the Difference'

Use Python to create a Spot the Difference game with a big surprise to scare all of your friends.


Ada's Poetry Generator

Learn how to program your own poetry generator

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