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Hmmm what could it be

Guess the Invention

Write a program for a game, similar to hang man, where the user suggests letters to guess a word that is an invention created for space.


Protect the Planet

Make a game where the user aims and shoots the stars to protect the planet.

Hmmm what could it be 1

Space Junk

Develop your own coded project that showcases an innovative way to deal with space junk.


Space Shoe

Make a game where the user can design their own particular style of space shoe.


Looking into Space

Make a game where the user can find hidden objects in space.

Microbit projects


Create a twinkling constellation using Micro:Bits

Bush regeneration assets

Fire Danger Warning Sign

Create your own warning sign to prepare for bushfire season.


Carbon Footprint Calculator

Create your own tool to measure your personal carbon output.


Clean your planet

Use Scratch Jr to help clean the planet.

Utilising Light Data


A coding project that will calculate the exact time of twilights in your area. Did you know there are 3 different twilights?

Satellite in space

Satellites in Space

Can you make it to Earth safely?

Project page

Tagai Constellation

Create an animation about the Tagai Constellation

Microbit moisture

Moisture Sensor

Create a sensor using to keep your plants watered.


Stop the Fires!

Create a clicker game to put out fires on Earth

Microbit projects 2

Save the Trees

Use Micro:Bits to alert rangers when trees fall in a forest.

Project 1

What will I wear?

Create an animation to show how satellites help us with everyday decisions.


Drone Planting

Help regenerate the bush using a drone.

Moon buggy

Moon Buggy

Create a moon buggy game using scratch.

Finalgamescreengrab Copy


Animate your own story of the Māori New Year star, Matariki.

Screenshot 2024 02 15 142452

Space Clean Up by Kaitlyn

Create an animation and clicker game that tells us all about cleaning up space debris.


Nature Returns

Create an animation to regenerate the bush.


Space Clean Up

Help clean up the tacos and rocks in space!


Dhinawan in the Sky

Animate a Gomeroi story of the Emu in the Stars

Cover website

Home Power Hero

Help Avery turn off all the appliances to save power!

Water on mars pic

Water on Mars

How much water do you need to survive on Mars?

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